Dairy Farm

Genesis Group Feature Services (Dairy Farm)

We are the marketing group for the largest sector of Ontario agriculture and are proudly owned and operated by the farm families of Ontario's dairy farms.

Mission Statement

“To provide leadership and excellence in the production and marketing of Canadian milk”.

Vision Statement

“A dynamic profitable growing Canadian dairy industry”.

DFO Core Values

At DFO, we also have a set of core values that guide our behaviour, underpin our operational activity and focus us as an organization. They include:

Leadership – We lead by committing to continuous personal and organizational development.
Trust - We create, build and maintain trust by being honest, open and transparent.
Respect – We listen, accept differences and work together.
Integrity – We are consistent in our actions and values.
Teamwork – We help each other succeed through collaboration.
Fairness - We ensure equitable application of rules and benefits.
Accountability – We hold ourselves and each other responsible for delivering results.